Exclusive Artwork from HEROPLOT for NFT Collectors available through the Blockchain

The Confession

Artist: Scott Harvey Owned By: HEROPLOT Minted: October 2022 TokenID: 4900967631854321608685493925605512114971138441927026323607691449961178726401 Contract Address: 0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e Token Standard: ERC-1155 Blockchain: Etherum Current Trading Price: 0.85 ETH Unlockable Content: Yes Collection: The Spear of Destiny Collection: Part II

Exasperated by his efforts in attempting to gain the confidence of Edgar, a much-loved patient confesses his concerns to a nurse he believes he can trust.

When a letter arrives unexpectedly upon the young doctor's desk, Edgar opens it believing it to be from Penny. Much to his surprise, the details contained within the three, hand-written pages question his very existence and set in motion a series of events that force the hand of his mentor to reveal what Edgar believes to be the true motivation for an inadvertent friendship. Out of his depth and embroiled in a struggle that offers no satisfactory outcome, there is nowhere for him to run and no one to whom he can turn. Now trapped in a game of his own making, only the worst can be expected... that is, if the words of Clydesdale's confession really are true?

Exclusive Collector's Bonus Content

Initial photographic sketch montage replaced by extensive hand-drawn artwork to create the base model for each character. Additional multi-layered composites were added to create details such as the nasal cannula for the scene space before further layered effects were applied and colourisation adjusted.
Orientation: Portrait
Dimensions (pixels): 7200px x 10800px
Dimensions (inches): 24" x 36"
Dimensions (cm): 60,96 cm x 91,44 cm
File Type: .TIFF (lossless)
DPI: 300