The HEROPLOT Multiverse




In Every Battle One Will Rise

The HeroPlot Multiverse To Launch, Summer 2022

HeroPlot: The Spear Of Destiny, has changed the world irrevocably. All that we once knew, all that we once were, is now gone and the world can never be the same as it once was before DomiNation.

As the saga unfolds and as each new chapter of HeroPlot is released, new characters will be revealed. Who they are, remains unknown. How they come to be here, we do not yet know. But their place, their value and the role that each might play will become evident and increasingly clear.

Heroes will emerge from within. Others will arrive from beyond.

New alliances, bonds and allegiances will be formed. Yet, betrayals, treachery and disloyalty will also force divides and divisions.

Motives will be questioned. Desires, perhaps contained.

Many will forge new paths that lead to opportunity. Others will find only despair.

Some may seek peace. Others may choose war.

Some may beg forgiveness. Others demand vengeance.

In a world of uncertainity, where the goals that once united the many may soon prove too weak to unite even the few, only one thing now remains for certain.

In every battle, one will rise. In every victory, one must fall.


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