Exclusive Artwork from HEROPLOT for NFT Collectors available through the Blockchain

O.D.I.U.M or Die

Artist: Scott Harvey Owned By: HEROPLOT Minted: February 2022 TokenID: 4900967631854321608685493925605512114971138441927026323607691445563132215297 Contract Address: 0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e Token Standard: ERC-1155 Blockchain: Etherum Current Trading Price: 0.85 ETH Unlockable Content: Yes Collection: The Spear of Destiny Collection: Part I

The unexpected return of an old friend brings a surprising twist, an ultimatium infact that leads to disastrous consequences. Suddenly, the air turned cold as the heat from the fire was trapped by the chill.

"We are everywhere!" he cried. "In everything. We rule your Districts and we steal your resources. We corrupt your power and we own your world. You will join us…."

Exclusive Collector's Bonus Content

Multi-layered photo montage that combines numerous images with extensive hand-drawn elements to create the base character model. Heavy shading was applied to the fabrics and facial areas to create depth and added dynamism before multiple layered effects and colourisation were applied to the image. Final touches, including highlights and burning embers were then added, especially around the hood of the cloak while the skin tone was deepened with reds and oranges to reflect the intensity of the flames.
Orientation: Portrait
Dimensions (pixels): 7200px x 10800px
Dimensions (inches): 24" x 36"
Dimensions (cm): 60,96 cm x 91,44 cm
File Type: .TIFF (lossless)
DPI: 300