Exclusive Artwork from HEROPLOT for NFT Collectors available through the Blockchain

In Every Battle, One Will Rise...

Artist: Scott Harvey Owned By: HEROPLOT Minted: October 2022 TokenID: 4900967631854321608685493925605512114971138441927026323607691453259713609729 Contract Address: 0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e Token Standard: ERC-1155 Blockchain: Etherum Current Trading Price: 0.85 ETH Unlockable Content: Yes Collection: The Spear of Destiny Collection: Part II

Inside DomiGen Labs, the experiments of a young Dr. Spear were not without consequence in his search for success. As techniques improved, the series of unrelated and unexplained deaths began to decline, but the reasons for these DomiCides hid a more heinous truth.

Those who had tried to conceal their true form, suppressed by the DomiForce, hunted by the Shadow Seekers, and subjected to the torment by those of similar kind who instead sought acclaim, would no longer be silent.

An unselfish act of rebellion saw the start of The Rising, as the words of the boy and the raven-haired woman spread throughout DomiNation like a call to arms.

"In Every Battle, One Will Rise. In Every Victory, One Must Fall."

Exclusive Collector's Bonus Content

Extensive hand-drawn figurative artwork with composite montage areas combine to create the base model and scene of the riot. Multiple layered effects were then applied to the image and colourisation adjusted to match the psychokinetic powers of the boy and provide a sense of their intensity. Additional lightning and electrical effects were composed and added to further accentuate the focal point of the piece.
Orientation: Portrait
Dimensions (pixels): 7200px x 10800px
Dimensions (inches): 24" x 36"
Dimensions (cm): 60,96 cm x 91,44 cm
File Type: .TIFF (lossless)
DPI: 300