Hand-Signed Original Prints From The Creator Of HEROPLOT

Agent Jim

Artist: Scott Harvey Created: July 2022 ProductID: TSODCPT2-9 Collection: The Spear of Destiny Collection: Part II Orientation: Portrait Tags: White House, Secret Service

Having waited with unbearable patience, the time had come for Edgar to confront President Roberts in the Oval Office and reveal the role that he has unsuspectingly played in a meticulously planned scheme. Not willing to go lightly, Roberts believes he has triggered the alarm and is relieved when a member of his security detail bursts through the door.

"Thank God, Jim…. Hurry! Help me get—"

All, however, is not as it would seem, and much to the president's surprise, the agent hands Edgar a syringe.

"I'm sorry, Mr. President," he says, turning coldly to his Commander in Chief, but the agent may yet regret the side he has chosen and the path that fate now forces upon him.



Initial photographic artwork transformed with multi-layered hand-drawn areas. Additional montage composition created and added to the base model and background before multiple layered effects were applied to the image and colourisation adjusted.
Orientation: Portrait
Available Sizes: 24" x 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44 cm)
18" x 24" (45.72 cm x 60.96 cm)
12" x 18" (30.48 cm x 45.72 cm)
Printing Technique: Giclée
Paper: Canson Infinity Rag Photographique
Weight: 310 gsm
Shine: Matt