The Spear of Destiny Collection: Part II



The Spear of Destiny Collection is the first time that HEROPLOT creator, Scott Harvey, has publicly presented artwork for sale.

In March 2022, The Spear of Destiny Collection: Part I was released and comprised of seven unique artworks inspired by the characters from the first book in the HEROPLOT series, The Spear of Destiny. Choosing to partner with, each piece was released initially in digital form and entered into the blockchain.

As a modern, innovative brand, HEROPLOT could see the obvious advantageous benefits for fans and readers of the series through the issuing of non-fungible tokens.

NFT ownership allows collectors to not only own the original artwork itself but gain access to a host of exclusive content that would otherwise be impossible to provide. For example, every NFT collector receives a special collectors coin and presentations case which is engraved with a unique code that also grants exclusive rights and citizenship to a world within The HEROPLOT Multiverse. In addition, NFT collectors receive their own unique HEROPLOT Avatar and matching Battlecard, as well as a personalised signed copy of HEROPLOT: The Spear of Destiny, and an exclusive NFT collectors only bonus artwork of Commander Reams.

For traditional art collectors, Harvey’s artwork has been painstakingly produced using gallery quality Giclée printing techniques to offer each piece in a limited-edition series of one hundred hand-signed and individually numbered prints in sizes ranging from 12”x18” to large format 24”x36”, available exclusively on the HEROPLOT website.

The Second And Final Instalment

Part II of the collection sees another seven pieces being released into the blockchain to bring the entire collection to a total of fourteen pieces.

In Part II, NFT collectors will also receive another bonus artwork, an exclusive piece entitled, President Barnes. And again, each piece from Part II of the collection will also be available for traditional art collectors through a limited-edition series of one hundred hand-signed and individually numbered prints.

The Spear of Destiny Collection: Part II is due for release on 22.10.2022 at 09:00 CET (GMT+1), where each piece will join the existing pieces from Part I on for purchase and ownership.

"It's been an incredible experience and I'm so grateful that fans of HEROPLOT feel such a connection with the characters that many began to offer their impressions of how they felt several of them should look. That in itself is inspiring, however, it was never my intention to physically create any visual interpretation of the characters, and I must admit that during the journey, I had many conflicting thoughts about doing so. That being said, I see my work more as a work in progress — the workings of an artist laying the foundation perhaps for others to take forward and build upon.

I guess, thinking about it now, even the title of the DomiForce Ranger in Part II of collection is an example of this; that I see my representation as a version—a generation— of the soldier rather than any ultimate, final depiction. After all, when one remembers that the Rangers were introduced at the beginning of the DomiForce, it's only natural that they should change, modernise, and become "upgraded" over such a long period of time. Perhaps this version will also be a nice way to illustrate the ending of a chapter, and the end of The Spear Destiny, so that any future Ranger in any later book can draw comparison against this one and the thoughts behind this time period." Scott Harvey, Creator of HEROPLOT