HEROPLOT: The Absolution of Kane Part I is launching 30.06.2024


With The Gripping Coming-of-Age Sequel to The Spear of Destiny

Following the immense success of The Spear of Destiny, author Scott Harvey is thrilled to announce the release of HEROPLOT: The Absolution of Kane Part I.

This highly anticipated sequel continues the compelling narrative set in a dystopian future where the struggle for power and survival intensifies as it now spreads to the Outlands.

In HEROPLOT: The Absolution of Kane Part I, readers are introduced to a group of friends whose journey takes an unexpected turn as they navigate a world fraught with danger and intrigue.

Set two years after the explosion in the Great DomiGen Tower—and the disappearance of Supreme Leader Spear—Harvey masterfully weaves a tale that explores themes of resilience, loyalty, and the hidden forces that will not only shape their destinies, but perhaps ultimately those of DomiNation itself.

Released on June 30th, 2024, HEROPLOT: The Absolution of Kane Part I will initially be available in both digital ebook and paperback formats.

"Writing the sequel to The Spear of Destiny was such a challenge because there was just so much I was desperate to squeeze in. I wanted to make sure that everyone was able to get a sense of how life within DomiNation is, even in the remote abandoned Outlands. Of course, in the end it's difficult to find that balance between gaining an affinity with the characters, and sharing in their struggles without revealing too much, as well as holding back just enough to create that depth of suspense and suspicion.

I hope that in Part I of The Absolution of Kane, my readers can begin to sense the struggle this group of friends now face, and without giving anything away, I can promise that in Part II—which will be released on August 30th, 2024—there will be a rollercoaster of unexpected twists and turns, and revelations that I hope will leave everyone hanging on the edge of their seats.... Who knows, perhaps even off them." Scott Harvey, Creator of HEROPLOT

Available for a limited time exclusively on Amazon, HEROPLOT: The Absolution of Kane Part I will be available shortly at leading bookstores and retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Walmart, Target, and Adlibris.