Scott Harveys HeroPlot Launches


In Every Battle One Will Rise In Every Victory One Will Fall

Today, we are proud to announce the official launch of Scott Harvey's HEROPLOT.

Every epic saga has a unique, often modest beginning, and HeroPlot is no different. Our origins and first narrative installment, begin with a young doctor in, HEROPLOT: The Spear Of Destiny.

The Spear Of Destiny, follows the career of a young and ambitious doctor called, Edgar Spear.

A beacon of hope and source of inspiration. The hopes and expectations, once reflected in Spear by his peers, prove to be misplaced, as he begins work at a research laboratory and discovers that temptations for personal gain are simply too great to deny or resist.

Spear's path becomes one devoid of ethics. A self-serving path that fuels his relentless quest for power. A path from which there can be no return. And the doctor, no longer young nor innocent, idealistic or visionary, abandons all conscience. His pledges, and committments to the people, lay shattered like The Hippocratic Oath, he once swore to uphold. Words broken, empty, meaningless. Insincere promises, all too easily and dishonourably given, never intended to be kept.

And yet, like all psychopathic personalities, who so cleverly hide and manifest themselves behind manipulating and deceptive smiles. Spear's insatiable lust for power could not remain hidden and became increasingly obvious, impossible to ignore. Corruption and trechory, exceeded only by the wake of devastation his work leaves upon the lives of others now infected and irrevocably altered by his experiments.

With his meteoric rise to prominence and recognition across the globe unchallenged and unabated. No one could ever have foreseen the consequences that would now await mankind.

No one could ever have believed such a tyrant might exist behind the facade.

No one could have imagined a world subjected to DomiNation.

"Without wanting to give too much away at this point, I think we all know that behind every great story there has to be an even greater villain.

In HEROPLOT, we find Spear. Telling his story is essential to understanding the nature of his character and the dilemma that now confronts mankind." Scott Harvey, Creator of HEROPLOT

The Spear Of Destiny marks the first release in the HEROPLOT series, to be followed by the release of various characters through interactive games and mobile apps that together comprise The HEROPLOT Multiverse.