HeroPlot Granted Trademark


Securing Protection For Our Intellectual Property Assets

After filing application with the U.S Trademark and Patent Office in February 2018, we are proud to announce that as of June 11th 2019, HEROPLOT has now been granted federal trademark protection throughout the U.S.

"The importance of gaining the HeroPlot trademark throughout all states in the U.S is something that has been a priority for us.

I have been developing the characters and origins of HeroPlot for several years, and as with any creative endeavour, one is always aware of the vulnerability of plagiarism, copying and property theft. At times, I think it would be fair to say that there is almost a sense of paranoia about it within the various creative industries. So being able to distinguish our brand and service mark from others both visually, and now legally, is an important step for us, as indeed it is for any start-up or ongoing business.

In all honesty, I think people often misunderstand the value and importance of a trademark and the protection that it affords.

When one talks about themes such as protection and intellectual property one often has a preconception of deliberate copying or the use of someone else’s work without their expressed permission. Cases often reported in mainstream media, most specially concerning creative works such as music and film scripts, seem to gain public attention due to the high profile nature of the disputed work or fame of individuals involved. However, I think in reality and more often than not, media such as the Internet and devices such as Amazon’s Kindle reduces the threshold for anyone to be able to launch and publish their own works. As such, the individual may not be fully aware of works published before them protected through statutory copyright. Or of works that may be protected through trademark.

Naturally, should it ever be necessary to have to prove ownership, creation or concept one must also be aware that the only way to really do so is to protect one’s assets and intellectual properties from the outset.

Knowing that our trademark is now protected and legally enforceable just provides that added peace of mind and security to know that no one else may create something so similar that it would cause confusion to our fans and users." Scott Harvey, Creator of HEROPLOT

HEROPLOT is currently under filing in other international territories and jurisdictions to further secure worldwide protection of assets and properties.