The gripping sequel to Scott Harvey's HEROPLOT: The Spear of Destiny.

  • Far from the outskirts of Alpha2, a small group of teenagers in search of a hangout have chosen to ignore local ghost stories by claiming an old, run-down cabin as their own.

    As the storm clouds gather over Woodville once again, those closest to Cody remain unconvinced by what they saw that fateful night, yet without proof they now find themselves alone, where only courage, loyalty, and the precarious bonds of an unsettled pact can help guide them to uncover the truth.

    The truth, however, may prove to be nothing more than a secret shared, and some secrets are better left unknown, especially in DomiNation.

    With time running out for a life that can never be returned, a confession is all that is needed to offer hope as their darkest fears appear to be confirmed. Still, what is broken can never be unbroken, and the arrival of an unexpected visitor to the town fuels rumours of the Shadow Seekers. Surely now the real test of friendship is about to begin…?

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An accident brings unwanted attention to a small, isolated township. In their search for the truth, a small group of friends uncover a secret that not only threatens the town's very existence, but the lives of all in DomiNation.


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